Mobile Recruiting: How to Make the Most of Mobile

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Trying to increase your applicant flow? What about creating a positive candidate experience? Trying to hire the best? Today we keep our emails, calendar, texts, music, personal trainer, photo albums, maps, and weather channel all in our back pocket. What more can mobile possibly have in store?

The reality is that mobile devices have become our new PC’s and as businesses compete for top talent, they need every advantage. One way to compete is to ensure your application and assessment solutions are not only mobile responsive, but mobile optimized. That means candidates can apply anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Mobile optimization is so important it was rated as the #1 Workplace Trend for 2015 in an industry survey of workplace trends. This technology is here to stay and here is why:

• Increased Applicant Flow. Mobile optimization increases the number of candidates who apply to your positions. Candidates want to apply and test wherever they are, whether on a lunch break, bus for the commute home, or on the stair-climber at the gym. Don’t mobile optimize and risk losing up to 40% of your candidates.  According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, candidates may abandon the job application process if it’s not mobile-friendly. Now that’s a compelling wakeup call!

• Improved Candidate Experience. Mobile recruiting and optimization ensures you are respecting candidates’ time by allowing them to give you information when it’s most convenient for them. Candidates can’t and won’t be tethered to a certain timeframe to apply and test for your positions. Remember, your candidate pool may also be your current or future customers and ensuring a great candidate experience can directly tie to your sales!

• Millennials demand mobile recruiting. According to Capterra, nearly 73% of millennials find their jobs through social media. With the popularization of social media and mobile responsiveness combined, mobile optimization will be essential to recruiting and hiring the right talent.

• Brand alignment. It’s not enough to say you’re innovative – you have to live it. As companies search for remarkable talent, great candidates will be searching as well through technologically advanced methods. If brands aren’t aligned with what they say and what they do, it introduces a break in a company’s credibility and great hires will slip through the cracks.

• Talent branding. What separates your company from any other just like it? If your answer is company culture, then talent branding is crucial to your success. Based on research conducted by LinkedIn, costs per hire are reduced nearly 50% and turnover rates are lowered nearly 28% in companies with a strong brand identity and company culture. Not only does this save money, but it also helps ensure great hires and a strong sense of fit.

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