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Understand the thoughts, intentions, and obstacles affecting your employees and day-to-day operations and build an evidence-based strategy to earn active loyalty and shared commitment across your teams with employee engagement and experience solutions.

You put a lot of effort into hiring the best talent, but the work doesn’t end there. Employee turnover costs tens of thousands of dollars just for entry-level positions due to wasted time, effort, and lost progress. 

To achieve organizational success, you must continuously understand the drivers of an inspired and committed workforce. Your employees need to know that you value their presence, believe they can succeed, and recognize their contribution in achieving the company’s mission. 

At Corvirtus, we help you give your employees a voice, understand their needs, and provide action plans for growth and development so you can strengthen employee engagement and retention.

Retention flow model


Our recipe for employee retention

Successful employee retention strategies start with your culture and vision for the employee experience. With our engagement and experience surveys, we’ll link key drivers of engagement to your definition of success, understand areas of improvement, and attack obstacles hindering success. 

Understand Your Workforce

Know your employee challenges and what is impacting retention and turnover.

We'll recommend the most precise approach to actively listen and understand your teams.

Measure What Matters

Monitor the unique drivers of engagement and turnover in your organization.

Corvirtus manages all aspects of listening and gathering feedback.


Act on Insights

Equip leaders with realistic action plans addressing the drivers of employee retention, satisfaction, and performance.

Ongoing partnership around employee feedback, stay-and-exit interviews, and performance analytics drive business and people results.

Engage & retain employees

We help our customers understand the drivers of engagement and turnover. Our customers can use survey results to support employee performance, build employee referrals, and reduce turnover.

Our Core and Enhanced Surveys include key questions that target the core predictors of engagement and provide insight into the complete employee experience – including intentions to refer and quit.  Pulse Surveys gather team feedback with a shortened survey – ideal for measuring progress throughout the year.

Custom Surveys can be developed to reflect your culture and provide answers to your most important questions.

Corporate-field effectiveness surveys measure corporate and field perceptions of performance, identify expectations, close performance gaps, and provide action items for improving.

How much is turnover costing your organization? Access our calculator.
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Ready to build a remarkable employee experience that empowers your teams to thrive?