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Strong and healthy company and workplace cultures do not happen by accident

They are intentionally designed through culture building – and are key to growing a strong and healthy brand. We offer a variety of organizational culture and leadership solutions to help design and build a strong and healthy culture.


Our culture building online assessment measures your team's perspective on 23 dimensions of culture and highlights gaps between where your company and workplace culture currently is and where it needs to be. Act on differences in culture by department, level, tenure, and location. The CultureMap process aligns teams, describes how your culture drives performance and serves as an input to aligning people processes with your culture.

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Our process for culture building captures your Leadership Team’s vision for the future of your company and how it is to be achieved.  Teams who engage in this process achieve team alignment with your intended culture and strategy, build best-in-class brands, are able to articulate and internalize meaningful company values, and increase performance and accountability.

Culture Building Corvirtus

Growing a Culture of Opportunity

Hiring and promoting on the basis of culture, or culture-fit has been accused in recent years of being a proxy for bias and discrimination. Our response: if making decisions based on your company culture is bias – you might need a new approach. If you define culture as your definition of success and how it is achieved, hiring for the mindsets, abilities, and values that will drive that company and workplace culture is vital. In this video, our Managing Director, Jennifer Yugo, shares how your culture should be a good story and how hiring for culture can obliterate bias.


Our process

Step 1


Interview the company’s key decision makers and influencers for perspectives on the what, how, and why of success.

Step 2


Facilitate several half-day meetings with the Leadership Team and up-and-comers to discuss the company’s intended future, including what it means to achieve desired outcomes.

Step 3


Work as a scribe for the group to voice a detailed and inspiring road map to your company’s success.

Step 4


Implement your vision through education, integration into policies and procedures, and measurement.

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