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Achieve best-in-class business results with aviation pre-employment assessments

The caliber of your mechanics, pilots, support team, and flight attendants is a direct representation of your brand and passenger experience. But labor shortages and less experienced employees stemming from the recent public health crisis present ongoing challenges for the aviation industry.

At Corvirtus, we craft unique hiring, developing, and retaining solutions defined by your culture and performance drivers. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive assessments to identify stronger hires, faster, or development solutions to improve the quality of your leaders, we provide a full-spectrum of offerings that will help achieve your workforce mission.

Hiring solutions

Every company's success story starts with hiring the right fit employees. At Corvirtus, we create scientifically validated pre- employment assessments customized to the aviation industry and your vision of success. Combine multiple assessments specific to your needs and implement structured interview guides to screen for skills, strengthening your evaluation for performance potential and culture-fit.

Aviation Industry Corvirtus

Leadership development

Strong leaders build best-in-class workplaces. But identifying promising candidates and developing them into high-quality role models requires consistent time, effort, and resources. At Corvirtus, our employee development and talent management tools embody your workforce vision to deliver unique, actionable insight for accelerating performance and growth.

Aviation Industry Corvirtus

Engagement and retention

Growing and maintaining your culture means identifying what drives an inspired and committed workforce. Your employees need to know that you value their presence, believe they can succeed, and recognize their contribution in achieving a first-class brand. At Corvirtus, we help you actively listen and gather precise data through surveys and focus groups to overcome aviation hiring challenges, maximize retention, and improve employee satisfaction.

Aviation Industry Corvirtus

Benefits of assessments

Build a Best-In-Class Workplace

Easily review assessment results and hire candidates based on personality traits, values, and skills linked to your culture and mission

Quickly Select Qualified Candidates

Increase accuracy and confidence in your hiring decisions by identifying candidate strengths and opportunities early in the process

Streamline the Hiring Process

Interview only the candidates with the greatest probability for success

Accelerate Performance and Commitment

Build award-winning teams by hiring candidates who will perform, fit your culture, and stay

"Working with Corvirtus is educational and enlightening. They don't give up on you and help you get to where you want to be. Corvirtus is part of the family and a dedicated part of our team."

Sonia Rana, Director of Operational Support, Stones Cove Kitbar stone-cove-logo

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