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Cultures are the result of their leaders’ beliefs about success and how it is achieved.

Jennifer guides our team of talent management consultants to achieve everything we possibly can to ensure you are thrilled with our solutions. Jennifer leads Corvirtus in delivering relevant and resonant solutions for employee and business performance, retention, and growth.

Jennifer Yugo, PhD, SPHR

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Jennifer Yugo Corvirtus Leadership

On behalf of our entire team, thank you...

 ...for trusting us with the opportunity to support your success with your most unique and valuable resource – your people. For me, it’s always helpful to know the story, heart, and values of the people I’m entrusting with a core part of our business.

Building remarkable places to work and do business is my biggest passion; however, how I ended up owning and leading Corvirtus was a circuitous path.

I grew up a bit all over the United States, moving as my parents explored new opportunities and eventually started their own business. While my parents specialized in accounting and engineering, my heart was always in understanding people and human behavior. I explored an eclectic mix of career paths throughout high school and my undergraduate work. These ranged from medicine and law (the usual suspects) and even the death care/funeral industry.  After an especially convincing Flight Attendant’s speech at career day in high school, for just a short period, “the boss of all the flight attendants,” (which I later learned would often be the VP or Director of Inflight).  No matter what I learned or explored I kept returning to that strong drive I had to collaborate with businesses, and their people, to achieve great things.  The goal of creating cultures, organizations and employee experiences that make us better people has always been a compelling mission: we invest so much of ourselves into our work and career that the experience should be something that makes us better.

Almost immediately I was drawn to a career in academe.  When I received my PhD from Bowling Green State University’s nationally ranked program, I also achieved my very uncertain goal of securing a tenure-track position at a business school.   I was elated to be done with so many years of school and have the freedom to pursue my own research agenda, but I couldn’t ignore the part of me that wanted to contribute to a team intensely focused on doing great things for both organizations and their employees.  I remember visiting local corporations with students and feeling envious of their employees getting to be in so many meetings: it was really a symptom of my hunger to be part of a team.  I knew I clearly needed a change and soon after my meeting-envy went on the job market.

Shortly after that, in 2013, I accepted the role of Chief Scientist on our team and began a fast learning curve as I transitioned to my first full time role outside of academe. Each day I learned so much not only from our founders, Marta Erhard and Tom DeCotiis, but from our powerhouse programmers and my fellow consulting teammates.  In my first years with the team we built a suite of new pre-employment assessments and other talent acquisition tools, a performance framework for talent management and leadership, and several new active listening tools for building culture and the employee experience and engagement.

In grad school, one constructive critique I frequently received was that I took on too many projects across too broad a range of topics.  That vulnerability became a strength fast when I arrived.  The more I became involved and contributed to areas outside of my initial wheelhouse as Chief Scientist, the more driven and energized I became.  In early 2018 my role shifted to Managing Director to capture the scope of my contributions.

Shortly after, in 2019, I had both the immense privilege, and responsibility, of taking full ownership of the company.  The strong sense of duty to continue our reputation as a trusted partner that supports the success of so many organizations and their people is always with me.  On behalf of the entire Corvirtus Team we are driven to continue building new partnerships, continuing our reputation for service, and providing best-in-class, science and data driven, talent acquisition and talent management solutions and support in the decades that come before us.

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