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Pre-employment assessments, leadership and employee development, and culture solutions focused on performance and retention

Increasing sales, profit, and earning active loyalty from customers depends on consistently executing your intended employee and customer experience. For over four decades, we’ve worked with company leaders to offer specialized retail and sales talent solutions, where we build assessments that provide a positive experience for candidates by educating them about your positions and brand, while screening for key competencies and attributes critical to success.

Cognitive ability

The ability to problem-solve, as well as learn and process new information quickly, is the strongest predictor of job performance. Within our retail and sales talent solutions, we offer cognitive assessments for entry-, management-, and executive-level candidates. These tests screen candidates for learning aptitude, quality orientation, and the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Retail & Sales Talent Solutions Corvirtus

Personality & fit

We know from our work in retail and sales talent solutions the qualities that drive sales and exceed customer expectations. We can work with you to understand the attributes and personality characteristics that are essential for success in your culture and operations.

Retail & Sales Talent Solutions Corvirtus


Situational assessments present candidates with realistic scenarios they are likely to encounter on the job. Situational tests increase candidate perceptions of fairness, job-relatedness, and overall enjoyment of the hiring process – increasing their interest and level of attraction to your brand.

Retail & Sales Talent Solutions Corvirtus

Here are some of the results our retail and sales customers have achieved with our pre-employment assessments:

Stockroom & Warehouse

Reduction in theft by
more than 40%

Increase in attention to procedures and quality by
more than 50%

Improvement in teamwork and operations by
more than 30%

Sales & Customer Service

25% greater sales

2X greater
team member reliability and positive mindset

3X greater
customer focus and drive to succeed

Management & Operations

14% greater
managerial fit with your culture and business

10X greater
problem solving and drive for excellence

Greater consistent execution
 of brand and intended customer experience

"The sales assessment helps us determine if someone is driven and can close a sale. It also targets top candidates that have empathy, great customer service skills, and solid follow-through."

Jodi Longmeyer, Sr. Employment & Benefits Specialist Borsheims_Logo-white

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