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Craft the perfect talent solution with assessments that create an exceptional candidate experience.

Hiring and promoting people who will perform, live your culture, and stay long-term is a balancing act. We want to engage candidates while evaluating them in an amount of time that sustains their commitment. We need to ensure our recruiting teams and hiring managers have an efficient and seamless experience they believe in. And while doing that, we must assess candidates on their potential.  On top of that, the process must be timely. But with just a resume, even the  and best job applications, it's challenging to make accurate decisions and fill positions quickly.

With our customizable pre-employment skills testing and hiring assessments, we’ll help you objectively determine the qualities required for success while improving speed to hire. 


Hiring Assessment Results and Reporting

  1. First-glance-understanding with an overall recommendation to guide dispositioning candidates. Immediately know if a candidate scored above average in all areas meets your specific standards, or stored in a manner where they are unlikely to perform and stay with you long-term.  

  2. Easily comprehend all areas of performance with a competency-and-culture-driven profile bar chart that clearly illustrates a candidate’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

  3. Ready-to-implement, or unique to you, probing and interview questions that target the candidate’s unique opportunities based on their responses in the assessment. These are ideal for a first interview to accelerate the time to hire - and the ability to support and coach new hires.

  4. An understanding of how the candidate will perform and how to support them if hired.  With hiring assessments validated for your industry and roles, maximize position and industry-specific insights in your hiring decision and supporting candidates on the job, and within your culture, when hired.

Hiring Assessment Results

Discover assessments perfect for your industry and role

Delivering client results

By removing the guesswork and making data-driven decisions, in just one year companies have achieved…

58% decrease in turnover

50% decrease in time-to-hire

33% decrease in training time

Your company is unique, and so are your job roles

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all hiring assessments. At Corvirtus, we create scientifically validated pre-employment assessments customized to your vision of success. Combine multiple assessments specific to your needs to capture a complete picture of the candidate and identify stronger hires, faster. By only measuring what matters, you will reduce bias, expedite your decision-making process, and improve your candidate experience.


Hiring Assessments | Corvirtus

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