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Create a remarkable candidate experience while building retention

Recruitment is a two-way street; interviews are an ideal time to ask qualifying questions, but require a significant investment of time and resources relatively later in the candidate’s journey. What’s more, an interviewer's time is best spent understanding and earning the candidate’s trust - not educating them on job requirements. 

With our realistic job previews, candidates express their job preferences through an interactive assessment uncovering their ideal work environment, goals, skills, and more. Applicants are then provided real-time feedback about how well their needs and wants match up with the company and job requirements, narrowing the applicant pool so you can hire qualified talent quickly and more efficiently.

Educate candidates and build commitment

Share both the positive and challenging components of the job to ensure expectations of the role and day-to-day reality are aligned, decreasing employee attrition. 

Realistic Job Previews | Corvirtus

Improved time to hire + efficiency through authenticity

Fully inform candidates on the role, your culture, and requirements early in the hiring process. Save resources by stopping unqualified candidates in the first steps of the process.

Realistic Job Previews | Corvirtus

Enhance position and culture fit

Provide candidates a way to evaluate the company and self-select in or out of the process with realistic job previews, so you can focus solely on individuals that are committed and aligned with the organization’s cultural values

Realistic Job Previews | Corvirtus

Increase job satisfaction

Give employees honest expectations of the role and the organization, creating a positive first impression and increasing satisfaction with their position.

Realistic Job Previews | Corvirtus

Assessment style realistic job previews

Our assessment-style format engages candidates in an interactive discussion. Candidates have the opportunity to express their preferences and are provided with real-time feedback on the match between their needs and wants and what the company requires.

“My confidence in Corvirtus is second to none, especially when it comes to the search for great candidates. Corvirtus has been the premier for me.”

Steve Erickson, President, PDQ pdq-logo

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