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Are you seeking to improve your hiring process, but feeling lost in a sea of information? There’s the technology, applicant tracking systems, human capital management software, and job boards, with a broad universe of vendors for each. One of our partners, career.place, marries all steps of the hiring process with the goal of removing bias from the hiring process while driving diversity in the workplace. Not only do they provide a candidate screening solution that is focused on qualifying high-quality candidates, but their blog also provides useful information and actionable suggestions you may have overlooked. We want to highlight some of those blogs and encourage you to check them out:

Tip of the Week

Each week the career.place team provides a “Tip of the Week.” These tips have a variety of applications ranging from how to improve office communication to improving the interview experience for both the candidate and hiring manager, or quick fixes that are easy to overlook (like making sure your candidates have one clear point of contact) and more! You’re likely to find a quick and simple way you can improve your hiring process today with just a quick glance.

An Applicants Perspective on Applying

Sally Doan, a Product Management Intern, writes about her search for a career after graduation and summarizes her applicant experience and compares it with others. This post is very insightful, as it highlights how stressful and frustrating the applicant experience is.

A cat, a ladybug, and a life lesson

Melissa writes about how her daughters’ favorite TV show created an “A-ha!” moment for her. The show, The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and the characters highlighted a problem that we all face: how often we become distracted by ourselves when making a good first impression and how paying attention can help create an inclusive environment.

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