You Can’t Send Eagles to Turkey School and Expect Them to Stay

Counterproductive Behaviors in the Workplace and the Choice of Excellence

Counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs) are behaviors intended to harm organizations and their stakeholders. CWBs – including theft, harassment, sabotage, disrespect, anti-diversity, illicit alcohol and drug use, and misuse of resources – have all been tapped as having considerable impact on bottom-line success. The welfare of organizations operating in highly regulated industries, such as food-service, airlines and transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare, can be severely impacted when employees engage in such behaviors. In fact, it has been estimated that employee theft alone costs the service sector more than $20B annually.

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What can be done to combat the prevalence of these negative behaviors, which often make employee retention difficult, if not impossible? You will learn the answer to this question and more in our whitepaper, including:

  • Why you can’t send eagles to turkey school – and what this phrase means
  • How using validated pre-employment assessments screens out candidates likely to exhibit these negative behaviors
  • What it means for leaders to choose excellence
  • Building and sustaining a quality work environment

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