Unlock the Power of Interviewing:

What is Your Process Missing?

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With hiring, your goal is to build teams that perform, fit your culture and brand, and stay. How can you unlock the power of interviewing to achieve this for every new hire?

This resource walks you through step-by-step how to create a structured interview process in your organization.

Structured Interview Basics

Structured (or patterned) interviews ensure you capture the same valuable information about each candidate by asking the same questions of each and evaluating their responses to the same standards.

Why use a structured process for interviewing? A meta-analysis (statistical study of all the research available on interviews) found that the structured interview approach provides 3.5 times more accurate information than the traditional approach.

Additionally, a structured interview process that measures a candidate’s potential on job-related competencies will save managers time, and significantly reduce the number of employees failing to perform to standard post-hire.

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What to Expect

Aside from fun facts like those above, this guide will help you learn how to:

  • Gain buy-in for the interview process from your team
  • Know what types of questions to include in your interview process
  • Seamlessly score and evaluate candidates
  • Monitor compliance with your interview process
  • Measure the return-on-investment of your interview process
  • Ensure and protect the validity of your interview

Start on the path toward creating a structured interview process that accelerates your success! Fill out the form below to access the guide.

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