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Supporting Your Success

Corvirtus assessments and solutions are integrated with the Teamtailor platform using the Teamtailor Partner API. Assessments are provided by Corvirtus via an email to the candidate whenever the Teamtailor Corvirtus integration trigger is executed. The trigger can be automated or sent out individually to candidates.

Enabling the Integration

Before you Begin - Important Prerequisites
You must have a company admin role in Teamtailor in order to be able to set up the integration. 

In addition, you'll need a partnership with Corvirtus and we must create the assessments for you that you'll use on Teamtailor account.

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Partnership in place?  Just one last detail - Teamtailor provides an Integration Key that must be given to Corvirtus for assessments to be connected to your system.

Partner Activation
Enable the Corvirtus partner integration in the Teamtailor marketplace by finding the Corvirtus partner entry in the assessments category. You can also search for Corvirtus in the marketplace.

Choose the Corvirtus partner and click Activate. Then enter settings for your Corvirtus integration. 

Assessment Triggers
Assessments are sent to the candidate by using Teamtailor triggers. Triggers are established on a job or job template to automate sending assessments during a job stage. To do this navigate to the job or job template of your choice, select the Triggers button, then the +Add Trigger option, and lastly, the Send Corvirtus webhook.

This will cause Teamtailor's platform to ask Corvirtus for a list of assessments available to you. Use the drop-down list to select the assessment for the job or template and confirm your selection by clicking Add Trigger.

Reviewing Assessment Status and Details
When a candidate is moved to a stage with a Corvirtus trigger an activity notice and Corvirtus webhook record will be added to the candidate indicating the assessment was sent. The candidate will receive an email from Corvirtus with a link and request for them to complete the assessment. When completed,  the Corvirtus webhook entry will be updated to indicate the assessment was completed. You'll see the a summary of the assessment name and overall result.

Important - there is a link to review the full assessment report provided by Corvirtus. This will include recommended interview questions, likely performance information, and recommendations to support their success if hired.

For more information on reading your assessment results please contact

Quick Summary

The Corvirtus Teamtailor integration works through the Teamtailor partner webhook API. Once activated, adding a Corvirtus webhook trigger to any part of the Teamtailor process will use the unique Integration Key to ask Corvirtus for a list of assessments available to your system. When a candidate reaches the appropriate stage or is requested to receive the Corvirtus assessment Teamtailor provides Corvirtus with the candidate’s unique system identifier, name, email address and the chosen assessment. Corvirtus Sends an assessment to the candidate via email. Once the candidate has completed the assessment Corvirtus updates the candidate result record in Teamtailor to indicate a change in status, a summary result, and a link to review the results.

Support: How can we help?

- Seeking new assessments or questions about the integration:

- Overview of Corvirtus solutions and what they can provide - explore this page  Hiring Assessments

- Questions on the assessment results and reporting - and how to gain the most from the solution: quick guide reviewing the elements

- Seeking to connect with our team? Schedule time with us here.