Corvirtus Receives “Outstanding Partner in Connected Care” Award from Sunny Vista Living Center

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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO—NOV. 12, 2015—Corvirtus—a proven industry leader helping companies hire, develop, engage and retain people—today received the inaugural “Outstanding Partner in Connected Care” Award from Sunny Vista Living Center—Colorado Springs’ state-of-the-art healthcare campus providing community-focused connected care for the elderly. Corvirtus has worked with Sunny Vista to standardize their hiring and interview process, as well as create a vision for the fundamental principles and values upon which Sunny Vista does business. By partnering with Sunny Vista, Corvirtus leveraged their expertise in both performance and the science of human behavior to implement solutions that drive performance and retention.

Synergistic initiatives have included patient and employee experience surveys, 360 performance appraisals, focus groups and hiring assessments, and much more. As a full-service talent management consulting firm, Corvirtus products and solutions have been used to help engage and develop Sunny Vista team members and residents.

“Corvirtus has changed the attitude of our staff for the better,” said Sunny Vista Living Center CEO Janet Burns. “People are happier and team member satisfaction has improved. Corvirtus Visioneering™ has absolutely changed the way we do business with everyone—from our residents to our employees. Now our team members have a roadmap to know what is expected from them and what they can expect from us.”

The name of this inaugural award says it all—Outstanding Partner in Connected Care. Sunny Vista and Corvirtus have collaboratively worked together to create a continuum of connections throughout the organization from patient needs to team member expectations.

While Connected Care is a standard in today’s healthcare industry, it is also one of three pillars that Sunny Vista now uses to support the achievement of their goals. This pillar, along with Community Focus and Partnership, was created by Corvirtus to help Sunny Vista team members provide care for each patient as an individual while developing personalized relationships while they are a Sunny Vista resident.

“It is humbling to be recognized by Sunny Vista for making a significant impact to their healthcare enterprise,” said Corvirtus Chief Scientist Jennifer Yugo, Ph.D., SPHR. “Our partnership has helped to create a remarkable place for team members to work while improving the patient experience.”

About Corvirtus

Result-oriented Corvirtus products and solutions have helped thousands of well-known brands hire, develop, engage and retain people around the globe for more than 30 years. As an industry leader, Corvirtus scientifically strengthens and scales corporate cultures by providing full-service talent management software and products that are ready to implement and customizable. Industries served include aviation, healthcare, hospitality/restaurants, financial services and retail. For more information about how Corvirtus can launch your company to new heights visit

About Sunny Vista Living Center

With more than 100 years of service in the Colorado Springs community, Sunny Vista Living Centers state-of-the-art healthcare campus provides community-focused connected care for the elderly. Their rich heritage founded on three core pillars of Community Focus, Connected Care and Partnership purposely improves lives by meeting the communitys evolving healthcare needs. Explore and join Sunny Vistas lifestyle and journey by visiting 

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