Interviews are the heart of your hiring process. They are also a major time investment. Even if you have consistent steps for interviewing, and some guidelines for questions, building a standardized interview process using structured interview guides that everyone embraces can provide four times as much accurate information about candidates than your current process.

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When we develop structured interview processes we collaborate with you and all key stakeholders, whether that’s recruiters, managers, HR, and key team members, to build a scalable and consistent interview process. Our structured and competency-based interviews1 can begin with any existing information, like your competency models and/or job descriptions, and create a simple and seamless process for evaluating candidates. With our structured interview processes and guides, we’ve reduced the time spent hiring by upwards of 50%. Some of the components of your structured interview and hiring process could include:

1. Phone Screens. Verify key information and only invest time in interviews with fully high potential candidates. Phone screens verify must-haves like experience, certifications, schedule, and educate candidates briefly on the challenging aspects of the role that often derail new hires. This conversation also reviews the remaining steps of the hiring process with the candidate so they know what to expect when and builds a positive candidate experience.

2. Work Samples and Experiential Assessments. Often you need to understand candidate knowledge and skill in critical areas. We can work with you to create easy to execute exercises that can be completed during the interview entirely or ones that require candidate preparation. Example: candidates review key monthly performance metrics and are asked to create and lead a mock meeting with their immediate supervisor.

3. First and Second Interviews. Using input from all stakeholders involved in the interview process we create a series of interview guides for each step of the hiring process. If you’re using pre-employment assessments, we seek your input on how you plan to leverage that information during the structured interview process and provide clear instruction and guidelines for incorporating those results.

4. Anchored Rating Scales and First-Glance Understanding. Each exercise, from phone screen to final interview, will have clear decision points and opportunities for the rater to evaluate candidate performance. We know evaluating candidates can be filled with concern about making the right decision.

To show you how we can partner with you to create structured interview guides that streamline and scale your hiring process, here is a sample question and behaviorally anchored rating scale:

Corvirtus sample Competency-based interview
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Using our evidence-based approach we can create structured, competency-based interviews that drive performance, retention, and results. Let’s connect.

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