By leveraging assessments, surveys, and technology, you can grow hourly, management, professional, and corporate employee contributions to your business.

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Succession Planning

Succession Tracker allows you to build career paths that are aligned with your culture, experience, and job requirements, identify high potentials, and track their progress towards meeting goals.

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Manager's view of Corvirtus Succession Tracker homepage
Corvirtus Personal Insight and Development Report bar chart comparison of employee strengths

Personal Insight and Development Report

The Personal Insight and Development Report (PIDR) provides a profile of traits in five major work areas: Relating to Others, Delivering Results, Influencing Others, Dealing with Adversity, and Creative Thinking. The PIDR provides comparative information based on findings from a large pool of managerial, multi-unit, professional, corporate, and hourly employees.

Corvirtus Personal Insight and Development Report with employee Strengths and Opportunities

360 Feedback Survey

Measure leadership’s ability to manage Self, Others, Results, Business, and Culture from the perspective of supervisors, peers, and self. Survey content can be customized to measure competencies and values core to your vision and culture.

Corvirtus Sample 360 Feedback Survey Items with bar charts
Corvirtus custom employee development tools include readiness checklists and potential profiles

Custom Tools

Corvirtus can design custom needs and skills assessments and training. Examples include:

  • Readiness Checklists
  • Gap Analyses
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Assessment Centers
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