Strong leaders consistently execute, build best-in-class businesses, and remarkable places to work. We know the quality of your employees, what they experience day-to-day, and what they can deliver, will never exceed the quality of your leaders. Stable, quality leadership in each department, location, and at every level is the first step to consistently executing your intended customer experience and reaching your definition of success. Selecting and developing the right leaders for your culture and business is our passion. Our employee development tools and solutions do this at every level of the organization, from helping you hire high potential front-line employees and grow them into leaders, to developing succession plans that develop strong and stable managers at every level.

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Our Approach + Results

We begin with measurement and listening: actively seeking to understand your concerns, learning your definition of success and how you need it to be achieved, gathering key indicators and analytics that measure your progress to reaching that vision and benchmarking key leaders. We pair this with diagnostic tools as needed, using our suite of management and leadership assessments, feedback sessions, surveys, and other tools to address your needs. We know when you invest in a new leadership program, you expect it to work. We have proof that our employee development tools and solutions deliver results, from increased sales to higher retention rates, and from higher promotion to leadership to business results.

Return of Investment Data for Corvirtus Assessments

Discover Your Strengths and Opportunities

Sample Results for Corvirtus PIDR Assessment

The Personal Insight and Development Report (PIDR) helps leaders gain greater awareness of their strengths and opportunities for growth across Self, People, and Business and Results in leadership – and provides specific development information and actions that you can leverage to improve your strengths and manage opportunity areas. The PIDR provides comparative information based on thousands of data points across managerial employees. Custom comparison bars can be developed based on results from employees in your organization, allowing for multiple benchmarks.

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Discover Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile (CEP) provides insight into your potential as a corporate entrepreneur – an entrepreneur within an organization. Entrepreneurs create and implement new ideas and solutions, build strong, high-performing teams, and ultimately grow businesses to become the best-in-class.

The CEP measures resilience, emotional intelligence, and maturity, among other dimensions that comprise an entrepreneurial mindset, helping to identify people in your organization who have the drive and innovative mindset to achieve results.

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Sample Results for Corvirtus Assessment

Discover Developmental Insights

Corvirtus Sample 360 Feedback Survey Items with bar charts

Do you struggle with providing clear, timely, and actionable feedback to your employees? Do they know where they stand regarding their performance? Do they have an action plan for growth?

Leadership comes down to effectively managing Self, Others, Results, Business, and Culture. Our 360 feedback surveys provide insight into leaders’ ability to manage these areas from the perspective of supervisors, peers, and self.

We can customize content to measure competencies and values core to your vision and culture, and work with you to accurately capture performance and communicate the results in ways that inspire commitment to change and growth.

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