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Case Study • Sunny Vista

Building and strengthening company culture for more than a decade

Sunny Vista Case Study Corvirtus
Sunny Vista Case Study Corvirtus


Sunny Vista Case Study Corvirtus

Colorado Springs, CO

Sunny Vista Case Study Corvirtus


Sunny Vista Case Study Corvirtus



Sunny Vista Living Center is a state-of-the-art healthcare campus for Best-in-Care services, including rehabilitation, long-term care, independent-living, assisted-living, and memory care. For over ten years, Corvirtus has partnered with Sunny Vista to build and strengthen its culture, build employee retention and create a shared vision and definition of success – Living Sunny Vista. With the purpose of improving lives, Sunny Vista strives to thoughtfully meet the changing healthcare needs of the Colorado Springs community, and in doing so, has earned a reputation for sound character, service excellence, and being Best-in-Care – as well as an employer-of-choice where team members can work, grow, and make a meaningful difference.

“Corvirtus solutions help ensure the quality of care and safety while increasing key patient outcomes.”

Janet Burns, Sunny Vista, CEO

Select for positive impact

Through its powerful partnership with Corvirtus and consistently using its solutions, Sunny Vista has achieved:

  • 21.5% decrease in first-year employee turnover 
  • 364 hours saved per year form automated applications
Sunny Vista Case Study Corvirtus

Build and strengthen culture

Corvirtus worked with Sunny Vista’s Leadership Team to capture its vision for the future and build a shared definition of success through aligning team members and people processes with its culture, intended to increase employee retention. 

Sunny Vista Case Study Corvirtus

Select, educate, develop, engage and retain candidates

Corvirtus tools provide candidates with an understanding of what to expect on the job, while assessments screen for the competencies, skills, and behaviors critical for performance, success, and culture-fit to thrive at Sunny Vista.

Corvirtus development solutions leverage team member strengths and provide clear direction for acting on opportunities, while engagement tools give analytics and insight on the main drivers of performance, employee retention, and how to reduce turnover.


"Their tools make sure staff are capable of establishing warm, connecting relationships with patients and residents while creating long-lasting experiences that boost brand loyalty.”

Janet Burns, CEO, Sunny Vista