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Identifying high-performing candidates fit to their culture

PDQ Case Study Corvirtus
PDQ Case Study Corvirtus


PDQ Case Study Corvirtus

Tampa, FL

PDQ Case Study Corvirtus


PDQ Case Study Corvirtus



PDQ began using a Ready-to-Implement Corvirtus employment development solution to identify high-performing candidates. After seeing great success, they wanted a solution customized to their culture and expectations for customer service. To develop a more precise solution, PDQ participated in a validation study where participants completed a variety of assessments, including an employee development assessment, and their supervisors completed evaluations of their performance tailored to PDQ’s definition of success. This allowed Corvirtus to “test the tests” and build an assessment that best predicts all key areas of performance.

“Corvirtus provides a very simple, easy-to-use product that anyone can understand. The solution makes immediate decisions on fit and whether a person can make it to the next interview or not. There is incredible power with that type of solution.”

Steve Erickson, President, PDQ

Streamlining the hiring process, highlighting pertinent candidate qualifications

PDQ’s employment development assessment measures a candidate’s mental horsepower to learn quickly and solve problems (cognitive ability) as well as how the candidate’s personality aligns with PDQ’s unique values, brand, and expectations. Operator-friendly reports allow leaders to confidently and quickly make decisions, saving time and money.

PDQ Case Study Corvirtus


Among the notable results, managers and operating directors who pass Corvirtus assessments are more likely to excel:

Managers are:

  • 10x better problem solvers
  • 5x more likely to build strong high-performing teams
  • 11x more likely to be rated in the top 20 percent by their supervisors 


Operating Directors are:

  • 16x stronger innovators, implementing new ideas and systems
  • 14x more likely to provide clear leadership and direction
  • 13x more likely to emphasize quality and meet expected results
PDQ Case Study Corvirtus

“My confidence in Corvirtus is second to none, especially when it comes to the search for great candidates. Corvirtus has been the premier for me.”

Steve Erickson, President, PDQ

“The three words that describe Corvirtus are: Best-in-Class, Creative & People Oriented”

Steve Erickson, President, PDQ