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Case Study • Baldwin Krystyn Sherman

Creating a culture that drives sales and encourages productivity

Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Case Study Corvirtus
Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Case Study Corvirtus


Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Case Study Corvirtus

Tampa, FL

Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Case Study Corvirtus





With a fresh outlook for the future, BKS needed to orient the organization with good value alignment and a collective voice to facilitate anticipated firm and employee growth. BKS wanted to empower colleagues to work on the behalf of BKS clients using a common language and mutually agreed upon vision, subsequently known as the BKS Azimuth.

"We wouldn’t have the differentiated and unique culture we have today without Corvirtus.”

Lowry Baldwin, Founding Partner, BKS

Employee Growth

Up 338%

From 57 to 250 Over 4 Years

Client Retention


Annual Average Over 4 Years

Organic Growth


Annual Average Over 4 Years

Total Growth


Annual Average Over 4 Years

Creating a firm vision and defining criteria of success

BKS contacted Corvirtus to help build a well-codified set of beliefs and principles around expected behaviors from and to colleagues, their clients, insurance company partners and communities. Working with the BKS leadership team, Corvirtus helped memorialize a firm vision that created a descriptive and prescriptive document for existing and new colleagues while defining criteria of success in terms of employee growth, revenue goals and productivity measures.

Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Case Study Corvirtus


Corvirtus helped BKS create the BKS Aziumuth, which provides clear values and principles, promises to stakeholders, and provides a framework for measuring their culture. BKS has been recognized externally for creating a culture that drive sales, provides world-class service, encourages productivity, and promotes the brand in the communities BKS serves. Among the notable results, BKS saw on average a:

  • 338% increase in employee growth, moving from 57 to 250 employees over four years
  • 97.4% client retention rate (annual average over four years)
  • 23% organic growth rate
  • 33% total growth rate
Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Case Study Corvirtus

“Our thoughtful approach to colleague selection and devotion toward the nurturance of a distinctive culture were underscored by our selection as a recipient of the Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces, Tampa Bay Business Journal Best Places to Work, Florida Trend Best Companies in Florida, and on of the Best Places to Work for Millenials.”

Excerpt from BKS-Partners 2012 Annual Report