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Validation Study • Aviation

Selecting Crewmembers to Deliver a Safe and Smooth Travel Experience

Corvirtus Case Study


Corvirtus Case Study


Corvirtus Case Study

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Airlines, and those in the aviation sector, need to operate with safety, execute on-time schedules, support inflight sales, and provide a smooth travel experience.  Through our partnerships with several airlines we've provided integrated talent management solutions that select superior performers who achieve these goals.

In our validation work, Corvirtus administers a spectrum of assessments to current employees and asks supervisors to complete evaluations of their performance. The data determines which assessments predict  performance and should be used for hiring. This aviation validation process provides meaningful insights for leaders and builds the strongest talent assessment for both results, the candidate experience, and legal defensibility.  Key results from our validation studies across airlines and aviation enterprises are shared below.

Flight Attendants who pass assessments receive:

  • 67% less accumulated sick calls
  • 39% less dependability disciplinary actions taken
  • 43% less performance disciplinary actions
  • 200% more peer or passenger compliments
Aviation Validation Study Corvirtus

Pilots who pass assessments are: 

  • 20% more likely to demonstrate a keen awareness of safety rules
  • 15% more likely to possess the ability to work successfully without close supervision
  • 12% more likely to deliver overall excellent job performance
  • 11% more likely to exhibit professionalism and consistently fulfill all work obligations
Aviation Validation Study Corvirtus

Overall, Crewmembers who pass assessments are: 

  • 11% more likely to serve as a positive role model to others
  • 10% more likely to demonstrate workplace flexibility and remain comfortable with change
  • 9% more likely to consistently produce high quality work and emphasize the need for quality in others
Aviation Validation Study Corvirtus

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