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Dawn Haas, Director of Operations & Partnerships

Dawn leads Corvirtus Information Technology Team, oversees day to day operations, and develops and manages Corvirtus Technology Partnerships.

At Corvirtus we believe there is a right way to do something until there is a better way. Dawn is passionate about identifying solutions that reduce time and costs while improving quality. Dawn and her team’s commitment to our Customers keeps Corvirtus Technology and Technology Partners front of mind.

Dawn is devoted to ensuring the current technology issues and emerging trends are leveraged on behalf of our Customers. From legal compliance to data security, Dawn leads the technological design and implementation of Corvirtus products ensuring ease of use, security, and that the unique needs of each Customer are fulfilled. She designs smooth transitions when technology updates and upgrades are needed with the focus on the user experience of the more than 150 domestic and international Corvirtus Customers.

A hallmark of Corvirtus is the commitment to long-term Customer and Channel Partner relationships. This is made possible by leaders like Dawn. She has grown, along with the business, for the last 18 years. She was promoted to Senior Director of Operations after serving roles in Customer Support, Programming, and Finance.

Dawn earned her BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Western Washington University. Prior to joining Corvirtus, Dawn programmed tracking software applications for the Army Environmental Center.