What are your own entrepreneurial strengths and opportunities?

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Discover Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile (CEP) places you in critical leadership scenarios to understand your potential as a corporate entrepreneur – an entrepreneur acting within an organization.

As an entrepreneur, you create and implement new ideas and solutions, build strong, high-performing teams, and ultimately grow the business you work within to become best-in-class. The CEP measures resilience, emotional intelligence, and maturity, among other key components of an entrepreneurial mindset and approach to work. What type of entrepreneur are you? Take the CEP to better understand yourself, or find the entrepreneurs in your organization who have the drive and innovative mindset to achieve key outcomes.

Sample Results for Corvirtus Assessment

Learn More About the CEP

Time required: The CEP is comprised of 18 situations, each containing 4-7 questions. On average, most individuals finish the profile within 20 minutes.

Results: After completing the profile, we will be in touch shortly with your report that describes in detail your strengths, and potential areas for improvement, as an entrepreneurial leader.

Questions? Feedback? Contact Sam Lawson, Industrial-Organizational Psychology Practitioner.

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