How to choose the right assessment provider? Try our Customizable Excel Checklist.

Mobile Responsive Pre-Employment Assessments by Corvirtus

Considering adding pre-employment hiring assessments to your hiring process? With so many assessment providers on the market it’s difficult to know how each will predict performance, increase diversity, engage candidates, and save time. Whether you’re a talent acquisition and assessments expert, or simply getting started, we’ve created a customizable checklist in Excel that you can use to compare and contrast providers and easily share across yoru team. We’ve included the key questions including:

  • Evidence of reliability and validity?
  • Legal defensibility?
  • Ability to customize and measure your unique demands and culture?
  • Vendor’s credibility in assessment?
  • Interface with your interviewing process?
  • Content and practical features of the assessment results?

Easily compare assessment providers and vendors: Access our Excel-based checklist.

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