Three Podcasts That Can Change the Way You View Leadership

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Last week our co-founder, Tom DeCotiis, PhD, wrote, Good Leaders Are Good Answers, which describes how successful leadership requires anticipating the questions that must be answered to develop committed and enthusiastic teams, and act in ways that provide solid answers to those questions. Besides reading about leadership, podcasts are another great resource to explore new perspectives and strategies for leading. (Check out how our Team can help with leadership development here.)

Podcasts are audio (and often video) discussions or interviews you can download or stream on your computer or mobile device.  Podcasts are a great way to maximize time:  you can listen to podcasts during your morning commute, workout, while cleaning, or cooking dinner.  Here are three practical and thought-provoking podcasts that can help you become a more effective leader

  • HBR IdeaCast. This podcast is a quick series of interviews with Harvard Business Review authors.  Recent episodes explore applying lessons from international dispute resolutions to improve our own negotiating skills, and how PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi creates a culture of design thinking.
  • The Broad Experience.  “A podcast about women, the workplace, and success,” listeners, male or female, gain concrete suggestions and insight for leadership and creating remarkable work experiences for both genders.  From discussions with female entrepreneurs, strategies for managing stress, and balancing authenticity with conformity in leadership, this series may leave you with a broader perspective on leadership and the workplace.
  • StartUp.  What happens when a start-up provides an inside look at start-ups? Alex Blumberg founded podcast startup, Gimlet Media, and created a podcast to document the triumphs and failures along the way – and that was only the first season.  Season two follows two twenty-something online-dating co-founders as they struggle to survive in an intensely competitive vertical.  Venture capital fundraising, managing equity decisions, overcoming huge setbacks, and motivating an overwhelmed team are just a few of the topics covered.
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Have you listened to any podcasts lately that changed how you view leadership or business?  Share with us below or on social media.

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